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3 Responses to “Financial Preparedness”

  • I buy many things in glass jars, even candles, that way when properly cleaned I can re-purpose them. Candle jars with lids make great gift jars for giving candy, homemade salsa and many other things.

    • The Preppers Guide:

      Thanks for the tip, Shery! I like to buy things in sturdy containers that I can re-use. Like the heavy plastic bottles that whey protein comes in. Baby food jars also make excellent storage containers for all kinds of cool things.

    • I thoroughly eyjnoed reading this book from cover to cover. I should admit that I did not stop to do the practical exercises, when I was reading it, but then I went back and started completing the worksheets. This book provides an excellent structured approach to debt reduction. Being an accountant and a business educator myself, I love using Excel models for planning and this work book will become very useful in both planning and monitoring. I also liked the way Chris has included the psychology aspect in the book to get the commitment. I also liked the down-to-earth and humble style of writing. If you WANT to (only if YOU want to) reduce your debts and live a debt free life, this book is for you. The techniques here are not complicated and hard to follow. You just have to read the book and do the exercises. What you need is commitment. Good luck. Arun [...] Let’s create success together.

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